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Poland: A compilation of 269 online links


This compilation of online links related to Poland has been compiled by Christopher Marek Rencki FRAI, Director of PHS


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Historical Summary

 Coat of Arms of the Polish Crown  History of Poland
   Poland Websites (20 categories / 156 topics)

  Poland – Encyclopaedia Britannica (39 pages)
  Kingdoms of Eastern Europe - Poland

  The Very Concise Timeline of Poland
  Poland History – Family Search
  Emigration from Poland – Historical Perspective
Polish State Eagle  Name of Poland
  Unofficial Mottos of Poland

  Category : Poland History Templates

  Category : Poland Military Templates

  Template : Polish Truces and Peace Treaties
  YouTube: Norman Davies on Polish History
  YouTube: History of Poland in London


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – People

  List of Polish People / 48 categories, 1,745 people)
  Orders, Decorations, and Medals of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Monarchy

Miezko I King of PolandMiezko I First King of Poland
from 962–992

  List of 92 Polish Monarchs
   List of Polish Monarchs
   List of 62 Polish Consorts
   Coronation of the Polish Monarch
   Royal Coronations in Poland
   Kings of Poland Family Tree
   Royalty of Poland (93 projects)
  Category : Polish Royalty


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Titled Nobility

  List of Polish titled nobility
   Category : Polish Princes of the Holy Roman Empire (39 pages)
   Category : Polish Princesses (54 pages)
   Category : Polish Nobility


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Szlachta (Nobility)

“Gryf” coat of arms used by many noble families in medieval Poland. “Gryf” Coat of Arms used by many noble families in medieval Poland.

  Polish History – Szlachta (Nobility)
   List of Szlachta
   Zwiazek Szlachty Polskiej
   Polish Society and the Szlachta
   Polish Nobility and its Heraldry
   Polish Heraldry and Nobility : A Brief Introduction
   Polish Heraldry and Nobility
   Polish Heraldry
   Polish Genealogy
   Polish Roots
   Heraldic Family
   Polish Heraldry - Images

PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Flag of Poland

Royal Banner of Stanisław II of PolandRoyal Banner of Stanisław II of Poland

   Flag of Poland
   List of Polish Flags
   The Flag of Poland
   The Flag of Poland – Description
   List of Polish Naval and Maritime Flags
   Symbols of Poland
   Banner of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of the Polish-Lithuanian CommonwealthCoat of Arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

  Coat of Arms of Poland
   Coat of Arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
   Coat of Arms of Lithuania
   Belarusian Heraldry
   List of 34 Polish Nobility Coats of Arms
   List of Polish Nobility Coats of Arms Images
   Polish Family Crest
   Polish Coats of Arms


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Castles

Royal Castle, WarsawThe Royal Castle in Warsaw

  Polish Castles, Palaces & Fortified Manor Houses (633 buildings / 2,353 photos)
   269 Polish Castles (224 pictures)
   List of 239 Castles in Poland
   YouTube: Film of 42 Castles & Ruins in Poland
   Polish Castles Maps



PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Atlas

Map of Poland XVIII CenturyMap of Poland XVIII Century

  Atlas of Poland (inc.124 historical maps)
   Historical Atlas of Poland (PGSA)
   Historical Atlas of Poland (WHKMLA)
   Poland - A Historical Atlas
   Territorial Evolution of Poland





PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Categories (102 subcategories / 891 pages)

Jozef PilsudskiJózef Piłsudski, Chief of State, "First Marshal", and leader of the Second Polish Republic (1918–1922).

  Category : History of Poland (966 – 1385) : 5 Subcategories / 65 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1385 – 1569) : 6 subcategories / 60 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1569 – 1795) : 21 subcategories / 192 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1795 – 1918) : 23 subcategories / 79 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1918 – 1939) : 10 subcategories / 169 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1939 – 1945) : 6 subcategories / 118 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1945 – 1989) : 16 subcategories / 141 pages
  Category : History of Poland (1989 – Present) : 15 subcategories / 67 pages


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Very Early History

Archeologia Bielsko - kultura łuzyckaLusatian culture artifacts from 1450 to 250 BC.

  Prehistory and Protohistory of Poland
  Stone-Age Poland
  Bronze and Iron-Age Poland
  Poland in Antiquity



PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Medieval History

Medieval chess set found in Sandomierz, Poland.Medieval chess set found in Sandomierz, Poland.

•  Poland in the Early Middle Ages
  Poland’s History – Early Middle Ages (960 – 1400)
  Poland in the Middle Ages
  The origins of the Polish State
  Poland in the Early Chronicles
  Culture of Medieval Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History - Piast

Janusz I Starszy seal 1376Pedestrian seal of Janusz I, ca. 1376.

  History of Poland during the Piast Dynasty (966 – 1385)
  Piast Dynasty
  The Piast Dynasty until Fragmentation
  The Piast History of Europe (1066 – 1370) Part 1
  The Piast History of Europe (1066 – 1370) Part 2





PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Jagiellonian

Władysław II JagiełłoWładysław II Jagiełło

  History of Poland during the Jagiellonian Dynasty (1385 – 1572)
   Jagiellonian Dynasty
   Jagiellonians : Dynasty, Memory and Identity in Central Europe
   Images for Jagiellonian Dynsaty
   Images for Jagiellonian Era






PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Great Chorazy of the Polish CrownGrand Standard Bearer of the Crown (Chorąży Wielki Koronny), Sebastian Sobieski.

  History of Poland in the Early Modern era (1569 – 1795)
   The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569 - 1795) Part 2 – Calamatias Regnum / Part 3 – The Fall
   Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (102 pictures & maps)
   Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
   The Empire of Poland and the Baltic Nations
   Images for Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth






PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569 – 1648)

Krasiczyn castleKrasiczyn castle constructed 1580-1631

   History of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569 – 1648)
   Images for Poland (1569 – 1648)







PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1648 - 1764)

Battle of Berestechko 1651Battle of Berestechko 1651 by Artur Orlionov

   History of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1648 – 1764)
   Images for Poland (1648 – 1764)







PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1764 - 1795)

   History of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1764 – 1795)
   Third Partition of Poland
   Images for the Partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commowealth
   Images of the Collapse of Poland in 1795
   What led to Poland’s Demise in 1795?


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Partitioned

   Partitions of Poland
   The Periods of Partitions (1772 – 1918)
   History of Poland (1795 – 1918)
   Images of History of Poland (1795 – 1918)
   Poland's Road to Independence in 10 Paintings (1795-1920)


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Independence

   History of Poland (1918 – 1939)
   Second Polish Republic
   The Interwar Period (1918 – 1939)
   Poland in the Interwar Period
   Images of History of Poland (1918 – 1939) : 910 pictures including 212 maps
   East Central Europe : Poland 1919 – 1939
   Demographic Situation in Poland (1918 – 1939)


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Military (General)

   List of 424 Battles involving Poland (before 1918)
   Polish Military History
   History of the Polish Army
   List of 666 Polish Generals
   History of Polish Intelligence Services
   Polish Army Museum (Warsaw)
   Polish Air Force
   Polish Aviation Museum (Krakow)
   Polish Navy
   List of 27 Polish Admirals


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – World War II

Polish Armed Forces War Memorial National Memorial Arboretum The Polish Armed Forces War Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum, United Kingdom.

  Poland during WWII: A Photographic Archive
  History of Poland (1939 – 1945)
  German Invasion of Poland
  icon Professor Roman Rencki (Lwów University – UJK)
  icon Profesor Roman Rencki (Uniwersytet Lwowski – UJK)
  icon Niemiecka masakra profesorow we Lwówieckie
  icon Leszek Andrzej Rencki (Son of Professor Roman Rencki)
  icon Leszek Andrzej Rencki (Syn profesora Romana Renckiego)
  icon Marek Krzysztof Rencki FRAI ((Son of Leszek Andrzej Rencki) 
  Soviet Invasion of Poland
  Soviet Occupation of Poland 1939
  Lithuanian Invasion of Poland
•  II Wojna Swiatowa
  Polish Armed Forces
•  Polish Armed Forces in the West
•  Polish Armed Forces in the East
  Polish WWII Events Timeline
•  Polish Underground State
  Polish Facts and Figures in World War II





PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Government in Exile

   Polish Government in Exile
   Poland in Exile


General Wladyslaw Sikorski(Left) General Władysław Sikorski, Prime Minister of the London Polish Government in exile and  Commander in Chief of the Polish Armed Forces inspects Polish troops with King George VI.


PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Uprisings

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising MonumentMonument to the Ghetto Heroes  Category : Polish Rebellions

   Category : Poland Campaignbox Templates
   Template : Polish Uprisings
   Bar Confederation
   Kościuszko Uprising 1794
   Greater Poland Uprising 1794 /Powstanie Wielkopolskie 1794 roku
   Greater Poland Uprising 1806
   November Uprising 1830 / Powstanie Listopadowe 1830 roku
   Greater Polish Uprising 1846 / Powstanie Wielkopolskie 1846 roku
   Kraków Uprising 1846
   Greater Poland Uprising 1848 / Powstanie Wielkopolskie 1848 roku
  January Uprising 1863 / Powstanie Styczniowe 1863 roku

Warsaw Rising MonumentWarsaw Rising Monument

  Uprising of Polish Political Exiles in Siberia 1866
   Łódź Insurrection 1905
   Greater Poland Uprising 1918 – 1919
   Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943
   Warsaw Rising 1944 / Powstanie Warszawskie 1944 roku
   List of People in the Warsaw Rising 1944
   Polish Embassy in Beirut 1947




PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Communism

The 'Cursed soldiers' The so-called 'Cursed soldiers' of the Polish anti-communist underground.

  History of Poland (1945 – 1989)
   History of Poland (1945 – 1989)
   Polish People’s Republic
   The Historical Setting – The Polish People’s Republic
   40 Years of Communism in Poland





PHS_logo_subheadPolish History – Democracy

   History of Poland (1989 – Present)

Solidarity protestSolidarność (Solidarity) protests of the 1980's that led to the final collapse of the Polish communist regime in 1989.




PHS_logo_subheadPolish Politics – Constitutions

   Constitution of May 3, 1791
   The Constitution of The Republic of Poland of April 2nd, 1997 (194 Articles)
   Constitution of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish Politics - Elections

Poland - 25 years of free electionsPoland - 25 years of free elections

   Elections in Poland
   Sejm of Congress Poland
   Sejm of the Republic of Poland
   Sejm of the Republic of Poland
   List of Polish Prime Ministers
   List of Prime Ministers of Poland
   List of Heads of State of Poland
   President of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish Religion

The-Black-Madonna-of-CzestochowaThe Black Madonna of Częstochowa

  Religion in Poland
   Baptism of Poland
   Roman Catholicism in Poland
   Polish Orthodox Church
   History of the Jews in Poland
   Islam in Poland
   Buddhism in Poland
   Hinduism in Poland
   Baha’i Faith in Poland



PHS_logo_subheadPolish Religion - Paganism

The-Hands-of-God “The Hands of God” - Slavic pagan symbol

  Polish-Anti-Religious Campaign
   Poland-Paganism and Non-Christian Religions
   Polish Neo-Paganism at the Brink of the 21st Century
   Slavic Neopaganism



PHS_logo_subheadPolish Church - Records

St. Florian's Cathedral, WarsawSt. Florian's Cathedral, Warsaw.

  Poland Church Records
   Polish Cathedral
   List of 66 Cathedrals in Poland
   List of Roman Catholic 16 Archdioceses & 28 Dioceses
   Polish Cemeteries – History, Styles and Regional Differences
   Category : Burials in Poland
   Polish Cemetery Guides and Necrologies
  List of 148 Polish War Cemeteries in 16 Countries
  Pope John Paul II




PHS_logo_subheadPolish Culture

Grand Theatre, WarsawGrand Theatre, Warsaw.

  Culture of Poland
   Music of Poland
   Category : 9 Opera Houses in Poland
   Theatre of Poland
   Category : 23 Leading Theatres in Poland
   List of 447 Polish Universities (121 Government & 326 private)





PHS_logo_subheadPolish Museums

The Museum of History of Polish Jews, WarsawThe Museum of History of Polish Jews, Warsaw.

  Category : Museums in Poland (20 types)
   List of 121 Registered Museums in Poland
   Category : Registered Museums in Poland
   Category : 176 Museums in Poland by Voivodeship
   Category : 61 History Museums in Poland
   Category : 25 Military Museums in Poland
   Category : 47 Art Museums and Galleries in Poland
   Category : 52 Museums in Warsaw
   Category : 35 Museums in Krakow
   Pictures of Leading Polish Museums
   14 World Heritage Sites of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish Geography

Tatra MountainsWestern Tatra Mountains

  Geography of Poland
   Geography of Poland
   8 Borders of Poland
   Poland A and B
   Geography & Maps
   Geography Travel
   List of 919 Cities and Towns in Poland
   List of 2,612 Caves of Poland
   23 Major Forests of Poland
  Bialowieza Forest
   24 National Parks of Poland
   18 Islands of Poland
   44 Mountain Ranges of Poland
   48 Tatra Mountain summits
   29 Longest Rivers of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish Geography - Regions

Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship flagŚwiętokrzyskie Voivodeship flag

  Voivodeship – Poland
   Flags of Polish Voivodeships
   Coats of Arms of Polish Voivodeships
   Category : Regions of Poland
   Category : Historical Regions of Poland
   Polish Historical Regions
   Past and Present Regions of Poland


PHS_logo_subheadPolish Geography – Voivodeships / Wojewodztwo

Voivodeships / WojewodztwoPolish Voivodeships / Wojewodztwo

  Greater Poland Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Wielkopolskie
   Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Kujawsko-Pomorskie
   Lesser Poland Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Malopolskie
   Lodz Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Lodzkie
   Lower Silesian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Dolnoslaskie
   Lublin Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Lubelskie
   Lubusz Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Lubuskie
   Masovian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Mazowieckie
   Opole Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Opolskie
   Podlaskie Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Podlaskie
   Pomeranian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Pomorskie
   Silesian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Slaskie
   Podkarpackie Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Podkarpackie
   Swietokrzyskiw Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Swietokrzyskie
   Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Warminsko-Mazurskie
   West Pomeranian Voivodeship / Wojewodztwo Zachodniopomorskie

PHS_logo_subheadPolish  – Chess

Akiba RubinsteinAkiba Rubinstein

  Polish Chess Federation
   Interview : Tomasz Delega, President of Polish Chess Federation
   Category : Polish Chess
   List of Polish Chess Masters
   Polish Chess Championship
   Akiba Rubinstein & Polish Chess: YouTube 1/3
   Akiba Rubinstein & Polish Chess: YouTube 2/3
   Akiba Rubinstein & Polish Chess: YouTube 3/3
   Jan Herman Zukertort – Poland’s Greatest Grandmaster